Overton Farm Market & the Clyde Valley Fruit Day

Good morning, Grumpytam! has come back to pester you.    On Wednesday past I was totally relaxed after an excellent holiday.    Since then it has been down hill as I catch up with all the things that need catching up with!!
Saturday coming is a special day for us at OVERTON FARM.    Our market coincides with The CLYDE VALLEY FRUIT DAY, so your visit to the market will be much more interesting and stimulating.    The regular market traders will be operating of their normal stalls and adjacent will be a large marquee to host fruit growers and others from the Clyde Valley & wider parts of Scotland.   Their could be cooking demonstrations and lots of other things happening.
With regard to our specific market we will have 12 – 14 stalls.    We hope that Tarelgin will be doing their Smokies as usual and to end the growing season we hope that John Hunter [fruit trees etc ] should be back with more plants for winter planting.
So….   SATURDAY, 2nd October,  9am till 1pm or later.    Come early – it could be busy!
Coming up soon – SATURDAY, 30th October the market returns to BIGGAR in the Municipal Hall  – 9am till 1pm.
Another date for the diary is SATURDAY, 13th November.   Our Christmas Food and Craft Fair will be held in the CARLUKE LIFESTYLE CENTRE.    We have a handle on the food stalls but local crafts people should contact me as soon as possible.    We will be endeavouring to have a balanced event and this will apply to the craft stalls, in particular, as we do want there to be a good variety.    Between food & craft stalls we do hope to have 30 trading outlets.    Could be another good day just in time for you to purchase these interesting little Christmas presents.
But first  – OVERTON FARM on SATURDAY, 2nd October, 9am till 1pm.   We hope to see you there.
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