Biggar Farmers’ Market

Good morning!   Well, it is cold enough to free……. no, I had better not go there!    It is cold today but the sun is shining and the skies are blue  – but you know that already!
We come to BIGGAR this Saturday, 30th October.    As ever our market will be held in the MUNICIPAL HALL with trading starting at 9am.   We will stop at 1pm or there about.     This week we will have 14 stalls which is more than last time.    Sadly, Overton Farm [meat & veg] will not be there but we have two of our latest recruits coming to Biggar.    The first is The Scottish Tapas Company who are bringing genuine Catalan dishes and sauces.   Many of the ingredients they grow themselves with the rest being sourced from neighbouring Ayrshire farms.  They have been very popular at our recent venues which they have attended.   The second is bu Coffee who launched their business at our Clarkston Market on Saturday.    Selling hot teas & coffees to drink on site will be a good asset.    Have a coffee + an APPLE PIE cream cake!    bu Coffee also sell loose tea & coffee to take home.    The coffee is Fair Trade Coffee.    The regulars traders will be there and we look forward to seeing the Biggar folk once again!
Coming up soon – we return to CARLUKE – Saturday, 13th November in the Lifestyle Centre but we have OVERTON FARM the week before.
See you there,
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