Carluke Farmers’ Market

Oh how these weeks are flying by!    Here we are, getting to wards the middle of November and coming to CARLUKE for the last time in 2010.    I bet the turkeys will be getting “excited” !
Yes on Saturday, we return to CARLUKE in the CARLUKE LIFESTYLE CENTRE just off the Carnwath Road.    We hope to have 13/14 stalls including 3 craft stalls so you might be able to buy some of your Christmas presents.    We have our exciting new specialist Tea and Coffee stall, bucoffee, coming to The Lifestyle Centre – none of your Grumpytam instant brews – this is quality with a big Q.    Why not treat yourself to a buCoffee hot drink and an Apple Pie pancake or scone?    Ye cannae whack it!     Look out for “Justaddchilli” – another new stall.    Our trading will be from 9am till 1pm so come along and join us  
Again, can I remind you to place your Christmas orders with your favourite producer.    If you cannot get to our markets contact Grumpytam!  and he will get you sorted!
We need your support for this market so please come along and make the day worthwhile.
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