Hamilton Farmers’ Market

It is Monday and this is the regular bulletin for this week’s market to be held  in HAMILTON.    On SATURDAY, 20th November we return to the Top Cross for another market in the town – the penultimate market for HAMILTON in 2010.    Trading will be from 9am till 1pm or thereabout.    We have 15 stalls booked so it should be a good day.   
This market is increasing in popularity and this outing sees two new traders.    The first is “bucoffee” who have now been with us for almost a month.    “bucoffee” sell hot teas and coffees.    If you haven’t experienced this yet give it a go!   A range of coffee beans are freshly ground at the market and a delectable coffee is produced.    Specialist teas are also available.    You can also buy packs of teas and coffee to take home.    David Craig who runs this stall is very knowledgeable on what he offers.    Our second new stall is “Justaddchilli”.     They offer 2 chilli dips, one mild and the other a wee bit hotter.    They can also be used in the cooking of these dishes which benefit from a chilli lift!
Scottish Tapas return along with all the regulars.    There remains a question mark over the return of Millhouse Homebakes.    Jean Pinkerton is making progress and as of last week she is planning to be back in Hamilton on Saturday.   All our other regular stalls are to be there but NO Island Cheese.    We are trying to rectify this deficiency in the new year.
Again, a reminder – GET YOUR XMAS ORDERS IN SOON.    Do not be disappointed!    All of the stall holders will take your Christmas orders now – whether it be Turkey, Beef, Lamb or OSTRICH!   Now there’s a treat!   See Sunnyside Farm!    Why not splash out now before the rush!
Don’t forget, you can now follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lanarkshirefarmersmarkets where you will see lots of interesting pictures and news.     Tell us what you think! 
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