Overton Farm Market [Last one for 2010]

Good morning!    Is it good or is it bad?    I hope that you are not too troubled with the weather.
We return to OVERTON FARM on SATURDAY, 4th DECEMBER.    This will be our last visit for 2010 – in fact, because of the New Year we do not return to Overton until 5th February 2011.    We hope that you will take advantage of this last opportunity to purchase all the essentials and the nice wee Christmas treats.
We are anticipating 12 stalls this week.    We will be missing Jampanne, Crymble Confectionary and bucoffee, so no hot drinks this weekend.    Never mind, all the others will be with us and “Justaddchilli” will heat you up.    We will trade from 9am till 1pm.   
Please think about your Christmas orders now.    Time is getting short and all the producers are working flat out to cover the Christmas rush.
After Overton our last 3 markets of the year are :-
Saturday, 11th December  –  STRATHAVEN  – Sainsbury’s car park.       9am  –  1pm    20 stalls
Saturday, 18th December  –  HAMILTON  –  Top Cross.     9am till 1pm    16 stalls
THURSDAY, 23rd December  –  CLARKSTON  –  Clarkston Hall        5pm till 8pm      15 stalls. 
We hope that the weather improves and we might put a bulletin out before Saturday as we follow the progress of the white weather.
We hope to see you at Overton
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2 Responses to Overton Farm Market [Last one for 2010]

  1. david says:

    Glad to see the market back at Hamilton so soon. Attended a few weeks back, thought it was great, if a little pricey, unfortunately. We need to get the price of organics down as it tatses so much better having experienced it.

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