What a great day!    The sun is shining bright.   I just want to get outside and get the grass cut.  YEAH, RIGHT!!!!
This week we return to OVERTON FARM for our market.  SATURDAY, 5th March & trading between 9am and 1pm.    Let’s hope this grand weather stays!!!    Today we have 14 stalls booked with all the regulars being present.    We are pleased to see that Millhouse Home Bakes are making a return.   Jean Pinkerton started back at Hamilton 2 weeks ago.   Tarelgin Smokehouse will be doing “smokies”.
The following week we will be back to Strathaven in Sainsbury’s car park.    I think there will be about 18 stalls there + a GRUMPYTAM stall.    I will be trying to get email addresses for routine bulletin reminders.   There will also be a special stall for a local Strathaven Academy pupil who has been selected to go on a trip to Zambia & Malawi in 2012.    There will be more info about this in our next bulletin.    This young lady needs your support.
So…. first we will see you at OVERTON FARM on Saturday, I hope.
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