Our market this coming Saturday, 12th March, is in STRATHAVEN.    We return to SAINSBURY’s car park for the 3rd time and we look forward to another busy day.   Here’s hoping the weather stays dry.    It can be cold if it likes but dry and no wind will be good.   At time of typing we have 22 stalls reserved.  19 food related stalls, 1 non-food [Caurnie Soaperie], and 2 specials.    The first one is for Grumpytam who will be collecting email address from any customers wishing to receive our market bulletins.    No doubt I’ll have a “gab” to anyone wanting info about our organisation.   The last stall is very special as it is being run by VICTORIA READ.    Victoria is a pupil at Strathaven Academy who has been selected to go on a trip to Zambia and Malawi in 2012.    She has to raise a lot of money to raise to cover her costs and to do this she is to run a book stall.   She does need your support so come along and buy a book …..or 2… or 3!!!!   
Now…. more news about Strathaven.    The Strathaven Business Association, under the guidance of their present Chairperson, Claire Taylor of Taylor’s bakery are seeking to hold a market in the town centre – in the car park just off the Common Green.   An application for a temporary Operator’s licence has been made and this is so a market can be held in the town centre on the SECOND Saturday in APRIL [9th].   This licence should be granted, all being well.   
The effect of this is that there will be a farmers’ market in STRATHAVEN on the second Saturday of March, April & May, the last one being back at Sainsbury’s.    What a ” feast”!    After the April market there will be a review considering all the issues concerned and who knows what the long term outcome will be.
First things first.    Please come to Saturday’s market even if you live a distance from Strathaven.    It is a lovely town with some lovely shops looking forward to your custom.    Don’t forget VICTORIA READ
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