What a great day!  The sun is shining and there is that feeling that Spring is in the air.   How the time rolls by!    I can hardly believe that our clocks jump forward next weekend and that we are back in CLARKSTON with a 20 stall market.    Yes, on Saturday, 26th March we are back filling the Station Car Park.    And what a treat you are to get…….. GRUMPYTAM is being dragged out of retirement [huh?] to help out on The Overton Farm meat stall.    However, the real treat we have for you, is that we have 2 new traders.
The first is V Cuisine Ltd who will be offering vegetarian dishes and hot soup to enjoy at the market.    The second newcomer is Garngad Foods who will be also be selling soups, but for HOME consumption.   They will also be doing pates [meat, fish & vegetarians] and salad dressings.    We welcome them both and hope that they do well.   Please try out their produce which we are sure you will find excellent.
Renewable Resources return and if you are wanting to get GREEN then they are the people to contact.
We regret to announce that JUST ADD CHILLI will no longer be coming  to our markets as they are now going to concentrate on the Glasgow City markets.    We hope to persuade one of our traders to hold some of this product as it is good.
The weather will remain good so Grumpytam looks forward to seeing you all on the day.  He’ll have to polish up the banter!  It will not have improved.
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