Hellooooo!! – it’s old Grumpy here.    The weather is good, the grass is growing & I am needed outside so I had better get a move on with posting this notice.
On SATURDAY, 23rd APRIL [EASTER WEEKEND] we return to CLARKSTON.    In the Station Car Park, as ever, we hope to have a full-house of stalls  – 25 stalls.    Sadly they are not all food stalls.    The Clarkston Bid Team are promoting their efforts for the Community.    The senior pupils of Mearns Castle High School will have a stall to assist with their school business project.    They could be offering you something which will be GOODRenewable Resources will be back offering advice on renewable energy.   They will be trying to encourage you to go green & win!    All the regular stalls will be there and we are looking forward to another good day.    Being Easter we just hope that not too many people were away.
In MAY our events calendar has us at OVERTON FARM [ 7th May], STRATHAVEN [Sainsburys Car Park – 14th May], HAMILTON [21st MAY] and CLARKSTON [28th MAY].    In addition to that our stalls [not the vendors will be at The New Lanark Spring Fair on Monday, 2nd May [11am till 5pm].    This is a food and craft event and already all the right people are turning up to take stalls.    Another good day out!
However – Saturday first – CLARKSTON  –  STATION CAR PARK  –  9am till 1pm   –   20-something stalls   –  good weather
See you there.
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