STRATHAVEN FARMERS’ MARKET – Sainsburys car park

 This SATURDAY, 14th May we return to STRATHAVEN for the 3rd month in a row.    This month we return to our regular location in the SAINSBURYS car park.    As ever, we will be trading between 9am and 1pm or thereabout.    We will have a fair compliment of stalls again – it could be as high as 22 stalls if everything falls into place.
There will 17 or 18 food stalls.    All the regulars should be there but we are joined for the second time by Di Mambro [Scotland] Limited, a family run Deli business from Hamilton.    They will bring an Italian flavour to the market and the product they will concentrate on will be their own produced pasta dishes, pasta sauces, pizza [you cook] & lasagna.    They will be offering other delights and we wish them well as they find their feet in our market group.
The non-food stalls are Caurnie Soaperie, Renewable Resources, herb planters, garden plants, a cooking demo [possibly] and VICTORIA Reid’s book stall!!!!   Their might be our buskers and look out for The Overton Rabbit.    We are not sure if our sweet “wee” bunny will make another appearance!The debate on the best location for this market continues with the different interested parties having conflicting views.    Some want it to continue at Sainsburys, some want it to be held in the Town Centre car park, some resident traders do not want the market anywhere near Strathaven.   WHAT DO YOU WANT or are you not bothered?    Either way send us an email, with your views, to .
Thank you and we hope to see you on Saturday.
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