On Saturday coming, 4th June, we are back at Overton Farm for our next market.    Our trading hours are 9am to 1pm as usual and we should have a minimum of 12 stalls – maybe more.
Regular stalls not attending are Tarelgin Smokehouse [Pat’s taking a holiday] and Scottish Tapas who have another commitment.    Millhouse Home Bakes are also are unable to attend.   
However, we do have some good news for you!    We have a new trader and this is one which I think you will like and enjoy their produce.    It is ISHTAR FOODS and if you visited the New Lanark Food & Craft Fair at the beginning of May you may have purchased some of their MIDDLE EASTERN cuisine.    They offer a wide rage of exciting dishes from that part of the world and it is VERY GOOD [personal satisfaction].    ISHTAR FOODS are trying us out as much as we are trying them out.    They come from Edinburgh so need your support to make their day viable.   ISHTAR FOODS are proposing to trial our three markets in June so they will be attending Hamilton & Clarkston.    We wish them well.
The market will be bursting out with lovely fresh spring produce – whether it be lamb or seasonal soft fruits.
The weather should be good so we look forward to seeing you there.
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