HAMILTON Farmers’ Market, Top Cross

Good day.    The news of the day!   GRUMPYTAM is GOING    THIS IS THE LAST GRUMPYTAM WEBSITE POSTING    I am being put out to grass and from next week DOMINIC SMITH, a more refined chap than me, takes over.
So…. for the last time from me, we are in HAMILTON on Saturday, 18th June, with 12 /14 stalls.   Trading will be the normal hours, 9am till 1pm.    Island cheese and Millhouse Home bakes cannot be with us but ISHTAR FOODS are bringing their excellent Middle Eastern cuisine.     Their produce is vegetarian, at present, and is very good.   I do recommend them to you.    In July we hope to have 2 new stalls – more details in later bulletins
Well there you go, it has been a great pleasure communicating with you over these past few years.    I will miss this task but the time has come for a NEW BROOM – a bit of youthful (??????) energy.    All I ask is that you continue you to support our markets and that future bulletins will keep you amused.  Thank you!
and Grumpytam has GONE!
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