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bringing you the latest farmers’ market news.
On Saturday coming, 20th August ’11, the market returns to HAMILTON.    Located at the TOP CROSS we will have about 13 – 15 stalls – some traders still have to confirm their attendance.    The market will trade from 9am till 1pm.    Now listen here!!!    Here is some OINKING GOOD NEWS for HAMILTON customers!   
Overton Farm is offering a free net of tatties with every packet of 2 sirloin  or 2 fillet steaks purchased.
Blackmount Organics are offering 3 FROZEN Aberdeen Angus Organic Sirloin steaks for the price of 2.
Who knows there might be other deals on the way.   Keep your eyes and ears open!
It SHOULD  be dry but the forecast suggests that light rain will not be far away.   There could be a wee breeze.    It should be OK about 10am.
Our next Market will be CLARKSTON, of course in its usual slot.    This market is the launch event for this year’s EAST RENFREWSHIRE COUNCIL’s FOOD FESTIVAL.    This should be another lively day and there will be much more OINKING news next weekend!
Coming up soon will be our next market in STRATHAVEN  –  Saturday, 10th September  –  and this will be held in SAINSBURYS car park.    There will be more news about this market over the next few weeks.   
By the way, Lanarkshire Farmers’ Market Limited are on the look out for a new stall erection team – principally to do the Strathaven Market but this could be extended to cover all of the venues we cover.    If you are interested or know someone who might be interested or simply want more information, why don’t you contact my gaffer, Dominic Smith on 07949  625 289  
Well that’s it for this week  – visit our website for more info.   
I should be GRUNTING with you again next weekend.    See you in HAMILTON  –  OINK OINK!
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