View Image   Hey hey and a dirty big GRUNT!     What a weekend I’ve had!    Broke out of my pig sty 4 times and nearly managed to escape!    I had them running all over the place!!   What a hoot!
Oh,  I had better tell you about this week’s market.    Yes, I am bringing the market entourage to CLARKSTON on Saturday, 27th August.   This is another good day as East Renfrewshire Council launch this year’s FOOD FESTIVAL.    Who knows what might happen or appear.    There could be some “funny” characters floating about Clarkston.    We will have between 15 & 18 stalls.    We are trying to get a chef to demonstrate some interesting cuisine.    Whoever they get I do hope that he or she will not be doing  PORK CHOPS!!!    Gulp!!      I’ll have the stalls in the usual place and I will make sure that our stall-holders are ready to trade at 9am or earlier.    They will carry on until 1pm.    We have a new baker on board – Jane Maxwell.    She visited Hamilton last weekend so she will be looking for your support on Saturday.   Her baking is pretty good I hear but nobody bought ME a wee cake!
The weather should be good so you will have an CRACKLING good day.    Come along and have a big GRUNT with our traders.
I’ll give you a SQUEAL next weekend but it might be one of my farm friends.
PS    You know my face now so I won’t BOAR you with it again…    Oh the humour….. it gets to you!!
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