Overton Farm Farmers’ Market (near Crossford on the A72)

hello and a good moooo-ing to you all…. it is NOT Rusty Pig today as I am giving him a rest!    I am GRACIE, probably the smallest Dexter cow in the whole wide world.    I was going to let you see my latest picture as I was having breakfast, but I am not that clever to put it on the website page!    Actually, I am a very good friend of Rusty – in fact we ARE an ITEM!    My father, Willie Bull is not too pleased and he bellows at me all the time.    See if I care….. I just love my Rusty!!     Mooooooooooooo!
Now Rusty tells me that you like to know about our market on this Saturday – that is the 3rd of September (oh my how time flies).    Well all the nice traders are coming back to OVERTON FARM (near Cross ford on the A72) on Saturday.    I think we will have 13 or 14 stalls this time.    We might have a new baker, Jane Maxwell, who has been to Hamilton & Clarkston.    I do hope that you like her produce.   There will be lots of other lovely stalls there and you will all have your favourites I am sure.
Oh – I nearly forgot to say, (silly old me), I might well be coming along to Overton on Saturday.    Mr Smith said he might give me a day out!    I just hope that he is not planning a trip to that abattoir place in “Wishy” – och but I don’t need to worry as I’m just a wee thing!!!!     Yes, I should be at Overton but there will be no pony rides as the pony is have an away day from the farm.    There will be the usual toys & Tractors and that very nice Mr Young will be conducting TWO farm walks.  The first will be at 10am with the second at 11am.    This should be very entertaining as Mr Young can be such a funny man!    I like him as he always gives me a wee pat on the head when he goes by.  Be at the farm shop 5 minutes before the start times as I am sure Mr Young will want to give you a short Health & Safety briefing.
So, there you are, come to Overton Farm on Saturday between 9am & 1pm  – just to see ME!!!!!!
Oh and don’t forget, the market returns to STRATHAVEN the following Saturday, 10th September at SAINSBURYS.
Gracie xx



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