Hello there, it is GRACIE again.    Oh what a weekend I have had.    Mummy (Charlotte) took me to Overton Farm on Saturday for a special treat and I met some lovely people – even Grumpytam! came to see me.    There were lots of boys and girls at Overton and they were bigger than me.   I am afraid Farmer Dom kept Rusty Pig at home as he did not want us to have “high jinks” in the trailer!!   The journey was a bit rough as we bounced a lot in the trailer.
Well……… where are we going this weekend?????    It is STRATHAVEN, of course!    Yes Strathaven on SATURDAY, 10th September  –  9am till 1pm.    You will find us up in the SAINSBURYS CAR PARK and we hope to have 15 stalls – maybe more.    We might have our jolly BUSKERS to entertain you and I have just been told that Chef Scott from RISSONS will be doing some cookery demonstrations.   
Our next Market in STRATHAVEN  is on SATURDAY, 10th DECEMBER – again in the SAINSBURYS CAR PARK.    In 2012 we hope to increase the number of markets in Strathaven.    At present all the options are being investigated and considered.    A number of issues have to be addressed and, in the main, it will be a timing issue as the jigsaw gets pulled together.
I will not be at the market this weekend as I am having to stay at home with Rusty Pig.  That will be fun!!
Have a good day and give us your support.
All the best from your little cutie,
Gracie Dexter
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