Clarkston Farmers’ Market – Station Car Park

Hellooooooo!    I’m back to “annoy” you again for the next few weeks.    You all thought Grumpytam was “Dead” & “Buried”.    As one says in the vernacular ” Nay Chance!”     Yes, with the pressures of Christmas coming upon us I am assisting with the Lanarkshire Farmers’ Market Bugle & the website.
This week we are back in CLARKSTON   –   Saturday, 26th November.    The trading will be between 9am & 1pm and we hope to have 15 stalls – at the moment only 12 are booked.    There is a lot happening elsewhere and our traders are unable to ” cut themselves up” into smaller bits.    We hope to have a new baker on board and we are going through our routine checks on this trader.   Everything appears in order so “VANILLA BUFFET” produce may well be on your shopping list on Saturday.
December will be busy and I am sure “SANTA” will be making a few guest appearances.    We are speaking to his Road Manager about dates and times.   He is a busy man but we know he has Lanarkshire Farmers’ Market customers in his mind.   I am sure that he’ll be there!  Watch this space – he might be carrying some mistletoe!!!!    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
Our markets in DECEMBER are:-
Saturday, 3rd December  =  OVERTON FARM
Saturday, 10th December = STRATHAVEN  –  Sainsburys Car Park
Saturday, 17th December = HAMILTON
CLARKSTON  – WAIT AND SEE    –   News coming soon
We are trying to book Clarkston Halls again for an  evening market on THURSDAY, 22nd December  –  Watch this space!!!!!!
Well there you go folks, I feel I have never been away but I bet you wish I’d stayed out in the field with my pal Rusty Pig!    He is a big boy now! 
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