Overton Farm Market, A72, near Crossford

Ok, ok, I made a mistake last week and it was so nice of many of you to advise me of this.    What a reputation I must have!!!!   “Have you been having too many egg nogs, GT?”    ” Hitting the bottle already, auld yin?”    “Do we have to suffer this until Christmas?”     and so it went on….  Ha ha!    Little did you know I was just checking to see how alert you all were!!   Sorry, I am late this week but I slept in!
SO…….    to clarify the situation the December Market in Clarkston will be held OUTDOORS (normal site) on SATURDAY, 24th DECEMBER   –  yes that is  CHRISTMAS EVE (thank goodness I got that bit right).    Trading between 9am & 1pm.    Please order in advance IF YOU CAN.    If you require contact numbers/email addresses feel free to contact me if you cannot find such details on our website
THIS WEEKEND we return to OVERTON FARM, down the Clyde Valley.    We should have 12 -14 stalls and I am very sure that SANTA KLAWZ will be attending.    He might be out on the road giving you a wave.    Mind you don’t knock him down.   There might be a “glass” of mulled wine to have with your roast pork roll (I could go for that).    Who knows what St Brides Poultry will be up to.    I am sure A-J will have something up her sleeves.    We do hope that the weather improves.
The following week we are back in STRATHAVEN and the market will be held in SAINSBURYS’ Car Park.    Again 9am till 1pm.    More new next week.
Please come and see us on Saturday.   The market is a lonely place with out you customers.    The other message, once more, is that the stall-holders will welcome your orders so they can plan their work load in December.
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