Oh what a beautiful morning!!    Yeah  –  right!!!    I have just spent the last 3 hours removing that heavenly ” dandruff”.    It is all too much for me to bear at my delicate age & condition!!!!     I hope that is it for a wee while.
On SATURDAY, 10th December we return to STRATHAVEN and the market will be held in the SAINSBURYS’ car park.     I believe that we will have 12 or 13 stalls, maybe more.    We will be trading from 9am till 1pm as normal.    We hope our regular buskers will be with us and who knows there might be one of the local hotels be doing something for us.    If not you will get a tremendous hot roll & drink at the Sunnyside Farm Stall.    Resident Cook, Dominic, will be offering roast pork & onions – ask him for a Glasgow “Scooby”  – that will floor him!!    His assistand, David will be baking pancakes.    I had one on Saturday and it was great!    You just cannot beat a fresh, off the griddle, pancake, dripping with butter, topped with a great big dollop of strawbery jam!  Ooooh  –  I am droooling at the thought!
We are hoping that SANTA will be with us again.   He did turn up for the OVERTON FARM market.    He was in good form there and we anticipate that he will be around on Saturday.
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.   Life is hard for us all these days and our traders are no different.    They would love to see you.   Rember to get any Christmas orders in soon.
Hopefully at some stage in 2012 the STRATHAVEN MARKET will become a regular monthly event.
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