Clarkston Farmers’ Market, Station Car Park from 9am till 1pm Saturday 22nd September

Come along this holiday weekend for some treats to make the break more special. The long weekend gives us some extra time to chat to the producers,  try new foods or experiment with some new recipes.  One product that has come into it’s own recently is rose veal. Veal has the reputation of being unethical however that has now changed, rose veal has high welfare standards, in general the female calves from  a dairy herd go on to replace their mothers however the males are deemed useless and are generally slaughtered a day or so after birth. Rose veal is produced from the male dairy calves who live for six to eight months, which is longer than lamb, pork and chicken. We’re lucky enough to have Clyde Valley veal from Overton Farm and Butchery, it’s definitely worth a try whether it is a slow cooked ossobucco or quickly pan fried escalope, delicious with lemon and capers, proscuitto and sage or breadcrumbed. Once you’ve tried this you will buy over and over again.

As always Alexander Taylor Bakery will be along fingers crossed they will bring their butternut squash and pumpkinseed focaccia, sourdoughs, fluffy rolls and flaky croissants. A must try are Lochbyre Rarebreed Meats sweet chilli sausages and one of their pulled pork rolls to munch on to keep the autumnal chill at bay. Fencebay have promised us their award winning Cullen Skink, Carmichaels Farm Estate Meat will have venison, beef and lamb, St Bride’s Free Range Poultry will have tasty free range chicken and guinea fowl which are just delicious pot roasted, Vanilla Treats will have their usual array of delights as well as some surprise home baked treats, The Wee Fudge Company a local favourite will be there with some fantastic flavoured fudge, Olives and Thingz with antipasti, Thorntonhall Ice Cream you’ve just got to try this it’s gthe creamiest ever check out their ice cream cakes, Alesela Beers for those with a thirst and Caurnie Soaperie, it’s just the best, most natural and delightful smelling soap around. Can’t wait…..

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