A potted history of Lanarkshire Farmers Markets Limited.

Lanarkshire Farmers Markets was established in July 2001 and is a stand alone organisation with 9 shareholder members. It is a Society registered under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1965 and is affiliated to Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society Limited. A member of the Scottish Association of Farmers’ Market and has a 4-person Board of Directors and has a secretary/treasurer. We also have an Accountant and submit annual accounts to the Financial Services Agency. You can find out more about our board members by visiting “the board” on the link above or clicking here

We can facilitate a 25 stall market using our own equipment and are always prepared to encourage new farm producers and consider suitable craft producers. We look for innovative ideas to improve the markets and are continually looking to improve and expand out markets. We work closely with the Environmental Health Departments and other statutory authorities to ensures that only quality, safe produce is sold at the various market venues.