Starting a stall

We are proud of our markets. There is much more to running farmers market than just setting up stalls every week and hoping people come along. The board of Lanarkshire Farmers Markets Ltd continually work to improve the quality of the experience for both visitors and stall holders. It’s taken ten years for us to develop our relationship with stall holders, build loyalty from customers, and bring Farmers Markets to new towns which have been crying out for new markets. This pride means that we take organisation seriously, and do our upmost to ensure all food sold at our markets is local, safe and tasty!

We are continually looking to develop our markets in innovative ways. Whether you are a potential stall holder, a local restaurant who would like to do cookery demonstrations, or a local organisation who would like to meet our regular market visitors, we would like to hear from you. contact

Our stall holders are the lifeblood of our markets. Below are some guidelines that stall holders should follow:

Each of our stall holders must prove that their products are safe to be sold to the public. this document should be some bedtime reading:


Sellers of food produce should contact their local Environment Health Department and they will be pleased to offer advice and inspect the premises where production of goods will take place.

It is sensible to discuss your “operation” with Trading Standard Officers. They can give good advice on labelling and the information you are obliged to provide.

Investigate insurance cover. You will require Public Liability cover and Product Liability cover.

Consider how you will present your product. Will you require a refrigerated display unit – if so, will it be a full size unit or a table top model. Think about the practicalities of getting your equipment to & from the market plus remember you have to handle everything. However, there are always willing hands at the market to assist you.

Markets are held throughout the year in all weather conditions and it is your responsibility to ensure protection for your sales person and your produce. Rain & wind can cause havoc and consideration should be given to this problem

Lanarkshire Farmers Markets unashamedly cherry pick the best stall holders, and reserve the right to say ‘sorry, but your proposition isn’t right for us just now’. Many of our stall holders don’t actually have a farm, but they do produce what they sell.

Once you have thought about if your proposition is right for our markets, we would ask you complete Lanarkshire Farmers application form and email it to Your information provided will be presented at a Director’s meeting where consideration is given to your application and any existing stall-holder(s) who might be affected. Competition is healthy but too much of the same thing is not good for producers and customers. Applicants are advised of the decision made by the Directors as soon as possible and if this is positive then arrangements are made to meet with you and inspect your production premises. This all sounds very formal, scary and stuffy, but it’s because we care for our markets, and want to ensure what is sold is a truly great experience for our visitors. Where stall holders fall below par (and it’s not happened yet), we will take measueres.

Over the past ten years, we have seen some fantastic success stories. People like St Brides Poultry who have used the markets to develop a new customer base for a new business. That is a true honour, and we invite your to challenge yourself to meet our customers and develop your business.


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