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It’s Hamilton Farmers’ Market this Saturday 19th April from 9 till 1pm, Top Cross.

roast lambJoin us this Saturday for our Easter farmers’ market, our stall holders will be bringing great value local produce for your Easter Sunday lunch. If you are having a traditional gathering then there are some great treats in store from lamb to roast, fresh fish, beef & venison joints and all the locally grown veggies to accompany. Gordon is back this week with his fantastic cheese selection a great way to end your meal. For those looking for some thing not so conventional there are some great Punjab ready meals to spice up your family party. As always we have artisan bread from Alexander Taylors and natural skincare from Caurnie Soap with a delicious patchouli body wash.

See you on Saturday……

There is no market this Saturday, the next market is in Hamilton on the 19th April.

turnipWe hope you are all enjoying the lighter nights and have a spring in your step. we’ve decided to cancel Strathaven market this Saturday as a couple of our regular stall holders have other events to attend and historically Strathaven market is very quiet during the school spring break holiday which runs until the 22nd April. Strathaven market will be back on the 10th May, we are hoping for a bumper market & be joined by some other groups. If you would like any of our great produce before Hamilton market then please contact our producers directly, their details are available on this website.

See you in Hamilton on the 19th April……

It’s Overton Farmers’ Market this Saturday 5th April from 9 till 1pm, Crossford, Clyde Valley

eggsSpring has sprung and we are looking forward to our market this Saturday in the sunny Clyde Valley. Join us for some local food shopping & plenty of treats, Alexander Taylor Bakery are baking up some delicious hot cross buns, Overton Farm have fresh farm eggs, duck & goose eggs, they also have some primroses to add a dash of spring colour to your garden. St Bride’s Poultry will have some delicious chickens for roasting, Carmichael Estate will be bringing beef, lamb & venison. Caurnie Soaperie will be there with a great range of natural skincare.

See you this Saturday…….

No market this Saturday next date 5th April at Overton Farm, Clyde Valley!

turnipJust a wee reminder that as it is a month with 5 Saturday’s there is no market this weekend. However if you just can’t be with out our fantastic produce until Overton Farmers’ Market in the Clyde Valley on Saturday 5th April then get in touch with our producers direct, all their details are on this website & they will be happy to help you out.

It’s Clarkston Farmers’ Market this Saturday 22nd March, Station Car Park, 9 till 1pm

fudgeCome along to the Station Car Park this Saturday for some local food shopping. Breakfast is sorted as Lochbyre will be cooking up some tasty hot rolls with sausage and the Glasgow South Church will have tea & coffee. With Mother’s Day almost here Caurnie Soaperie have beautiful gift packs of their natural toiletries or choose a gift pack from Perthshire Preserves either jam, chutney or award winning marmalade, The Wee Fudge have some great treats for mum’s with a sweet tooth.

There’s just one week left until the end of the dark nights and there’s a glimmer of what’s to come with duck or goose eggs, pink tender forced rhubarb, delicious ice creams, lamb, Clyde Valley veal, artisan bread, cheese, fresh fish & delicious chicken. There is as always some great ready meals prepared by our stall holders using their own produce and a superb selection of authentic Punjab dishes.

Looking forward to Saturday…..

It’s Hamilton Farmers’ Market this Saturday 15th March, 9 till 1pm at the Top Cross, Duke Street.

rice n spicyJoin us this Saturday in Hamilton for some great local food shopping. Spring in the air and Overton Farm tells us they have plenty of goose and duck eggs just now, richer & creamier than hens eggs they are perfect for omelettes, quiche and fantastic in sponges. There will be top quality fresh fish & meat including venison, beef, lamb & veal. Rice n Spicy will have a fantastic range of Punjab recipe ready meals carefully prepared in small batches using local ingredients, great breads from artisan bakery Alexander Taylor & Caurnie will be their with their natural skincare range.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday……

It’s Strathaven Farmers’ Market this Saturday 8th March from 9 till 1pm , Common Green Car Park

stoviesJoin us this Saturday for our regular Strathaven Farmers’ Market in the Common Green Car Park. We’re officially into spring time but it hasn’t quite kicked in yet so let’s eek out the last of that winter veg, cauliflower, leeks, cabbages, beetroots and home grown tatties. It’s still cold enough to enjoy stovies, stews & pies and there is plenty of local produce to rustle these up whether you prefer beef, lamb & venison; here’s some inspiration Old Spot pork & free range chickens are available as is Taylor’s wonderful bread and preserves from Perthshire Preserves.

See you Saturday…….

It’s Overton Farmers’ Market this Saturday 1st March from 9 till 1pm, Crossford, Clyde Valley.

pieCome along to Overton Farmers’ Market this Saturday for some local food shopping. Alexander Taylor’s Bakery will be back with their usual selection of sourdough loaves, traditional breads and patisserie. It’s British Pie week from the 3rd to the 9th March our usual stall holders will be on hand with their ready made pies or stock up on the finest meats and make your own choose from , Carmichael Estate Farm Meats, Lochbyre Rare Breed Meats, St Bride’s Free Range Poultry & of course Overton Farm & Butchery .

Look forward to seeing you there…….

It’s Clarkston Farmers’ Market this Saturday 22nd February, 9 till 1pm, Station Car Park.

blackIt’s Clarkston Farmers’ Market this Saturday & we are looking forward to a slightly drier market this month! We are delighted to welcome back Rice n Spicy with their outstanding range of authentic Punjab ready meals and some other twist on tradition dishes, as with all our producers it is worthwhile calling to pre order anything specific for market day pick up. With great local produce including local root veggies, great quality meat (beef, lamb, pork, veal, venison) direct from the farms, bread, dairy ice cream, artisan beer, fresh fish, free range poultry, natural skin care & the cheese man is back this month!

See you on Saturday……

It’s Hamilton Farmers’ Market this Saturday 15th February, 9 till 1pm, Top Cross, Duke Street.

choc cakeWe are back in Hamilton this Saturday for our first market this year. Head along for some thing special for Valentine’s weekend and cook up a treat for your loved one. Typically Fencebay will bring oysters, fish pate, smoked salmon & fresh fish, Overton Farm & Butchery have their home grown root veggies and forced rhubarb for a delightful dessert or sauce, veal & lamb and beef, Carmichaels with venison carpaccio & rashers for a unique starter or beef , lamb and venison from their estate, they even have a few prepared dishes, for those wanting to spice things up then Rice n Spicy will be there with some authentic Punjab dishes, some with a twist on tradition. Alexander Taylor’s Bakery have their traditional & sourdough breads, fantastic patisserie or pre order for market pick up an amazing Chocolate Valentine Cake.

Hope you will join us this Saturday……

It’s Strathaven Farmers’ Market this Saturday 8th February from 9 till 1pm, Common Green Car Park.

marmalade janIt’s Strathaven Farmers’ Market this Saturday in the town centre car park off Common Green. It’s mid term so come along and pick up some healthy local produce for the school break. Lochbyre will be there with their Old Spot pork cuts, joints and fantastic sausages, Carmichael Estate Farm Meat with produce from their farm venison, beef & lamb, St Bride’s Poultry with delicious free range chickens, Overton Farm & Butchery have Clyde Valley veal, beef, lamb & home grown veggies. Perthshire Preserves are back with their great selection of home made chutneys, jams, curds and award winning marmalades.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday………

It’s Overton Farmers’ Market this Saturday 1st February from 9 till 1pm, Crossford, Clyde Valley

breakfast%20mainWe’re back at Overton Farm this Saturday for our first market in the Clyde Valley this year. With the temperature taking a dip this week it’s a good time to stock up on some great local comfort foods, whether that be venison, lamb, beef or pork to make into warming stews, delicious roast chicken or new season rhubarb for a crumble. Catch the end of Farmhouse Breakfast week with some fresh farm eggs and a great choice of sausages and bacon. If you would like some bread or croissants to go with that please place an order with Taylor’s Bakery 01357 521260 as they will not be attending this week however we will arrange for your order to be brought along to the market.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday…….

It’s Clarkston Farmers’ Market this Saturday 25th January from 9 till 1pm, Station Car Park

haggisWe are back! After our festive break we are looking forward to coming along to Clarkston Farmers’ Market this Saturday. Perfectly timed for your Burn’s Night celebrations we will have some great local produce to make your supper extra special. So those of you having the traditional fare can pick up home grown tatties and neeps to accompany the locally stalked wild haggis. Those needing a hearty breakfast can pick up some great Old Spot pork sausages, bacon, farm eggs (30 for £4). tattie scones and floury rolls. Great free range chickens, pies, artisan bread, dairy ice cream, roasting joints of lamb, pork,beef and all the usual top quality produce will be there for you to choose from.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday……

There is no market in Hamilton this Saturday…..

We apologise for any inconvenience caused however we have decided not to take the market to Hamilton this Saturday. If you are in need of some great local produce then please take a look at our producers pages where you will find their contact details.

Looking forward to see you all soon………

It’s a two market weekend, Hamilton on Saturday 21st & Clarkston on Sunday 22nd December

taylors santaJoin us this weekend at Hamilton or Clarkston or BOTH!

Hamilton Farmers Market will take place at our usual spot on at the Top Cross, Duke Street on SATURDAY 21st December from 9 till 1pm.

Clarkston Farmers’ Market will be held in the Station Car Park on SUNDAY 22nd December from 12 till 4pm.

We are looking forward to a bumper week end of festive food shopping, live music & Christmas cheer. If you’d like to plan ahead please take a look at our LFML Christmas Menu Shopping Guide, it may be wise to call any orders in beforehand, all our producers details are on this website.

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend & wishing one and all a Very Merry Christmas!

Strathaven Farmers’ Market this Saturday 14th December from 9 till 1pm in the Common Green Car Park

alesela xmas 2Come along to our farmers’ market this Saturday for some festive food shopping. We will be celebrating the season with some live music from band’Kilbride’, mince pies and some Christmas cheer. Overton Farm will bring some lovely fresh Christmas trees along with their great home grown veggies and meat, there will be some superb gift ideas with Alesela bringing some artisan ales for beer lovers. Both St Bride’s Free Range Poultry & Overton Farm will be taking orders for local turkeys with duck, guinea fowl & chickens available on the day, Alexander Taylor’s Bakery with a long list of festive cakes, cookies, puddings and speciality breads. Carmichael Estate Farm Meats has the perfect starter of Venison Carpaccio with lamb, beef and venison also available. Lochbyre Rare Breed meat will have some great pork joints, cuts, burgers & sausages. If you’d like to plan ahead then take a look at our shopping guide LFML Christmas Menu Shopping Guide All in all a great morning of local food shopping…..

Overton Farmers’ Market this Saturday 7th December from 9 till 1pm, Crossford, Clyde Valley

107Join us this Saturday, the first of our December markets on the run up to Christmas. We have loads of festive dining options to choose from, come along & chat with our stall holders on what they have for your Christmas orders or fill your baskets with their great local produce. We have a great choice with Overton Farm & Butchery, Carmichael Estate Farm Meats, Alexander Taylor Bakery, Lochbyre Rare Breed Meat, St Bride’s Poultry, Perthshire Preserves & Caurnie Soap will be bringing some unique gift ideas. There will also be Christmas trees & holly wreaths on sale for some festive decorating. Please take a look at our Christmas Shopping Guide LFML Christmas Menu Shopping Guide Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday……

There’s no market this weekend….

christmas get readySo take the opportunity to plan ahead and decide what great local products you can pick up from your farmers’ market. This month our markets will have a festive feel with a wee bit of music, our take on mince pies, Santa and his Elf and some great quality local produce, please join us this month…..

Plan ahead with this handy guide then pick your order up from any of our December markets LFML Christmas Menu Shopping Guide

7th December Overton Farm, Crossford, Clyde Valley from 9 till 1pm

14th December Strathaven, Common Green Car Park from 9 till 1pm

21st December Hamilton, Top Cross, opposite Bairds from 9 till 1pm

SUNDAY 22nd December Clarkston, station Car Park from 12 till 4pm

Clarkston Farmers’ Market & Extravaganza this Saturday 23rd November at the station Car Park.

poster SMALLJoin us this Saturday for the first of our markets with a truly festive feel. From 9am our producers will be ready to discus what you’d like for your Christmas table, orders will be taken for pick up at our December market which will take place on Sunday 22nd December, perfect timing for the big day! We will of course have plenty of great local produce to help you through these cold months. Starting at 12midday we will be joined by the Clarkston Bid team who have organised the wonderful Christmas Musical Blast Off, with a shopping marquee with great gift ideas, kids activities, reindeers and school choirs. Our stall holders are planning on providing some great quality sustenance to warm you up while you are enjoying the fun. The day closes with a huge orchestral firework display. We had a great time last year & are really looking forward to a big blast off to welcome in the festivities, please join us this Saturday

Hamilton Farmers’ Market this Saturday 16th November from 9 till 1pm, Top Cross, opposite Bairds

turkey10It’s Hamilton Farmers’ Market this Saturday and our producers are gearing up for Christmas. Come along and have a chat about what’s on offer to order for your Christmas menus. With our December farmers’ market taking place on the 21st December it’s perfectly placed for picking up your festive goodies.

This week our usual stallholders will be there Rice n Spicy with delicious slow cooked curries & pakoras, Alexander Taylor Bakery with sourdough & traditional loaves, patisserie and tasty pork & sage dumplings, Carmichael Estate Meats with their venison, lamb and beef all bred, reared & slaughtered on the estate, their venison carpaccio is an ideal way to start your Christmas lunch, St Bride’s Poultry will be telling you all about their delicious bronze & black turkeys, succulent farm ducks & capons, Overton Farm Shop have all your festive needs whether that be a roasting joint, turkey, chipolatas or veggies, order your smoked salmon and fresh fish from Fencebay and for a perfect present pop along to Caurnie Soap with their natural skincare range gift packs.

See you on Saturday……..

Strathaven Farmers’ Market this Saturday 9th November, 9 till 1pm, Common Green Car Park.

pot roast guineaCome along to Strathaven Farmers’ Market this Saturday, we’ll be there with our great local foods and ideas for festive dining. Our stall holders will be stocked up and full of advice on what is going to make your Christmas meals extra special. Whether you are looking for the best cut for a big pot of chilli, a Christmas ham, roast or turkey there will be plenty to choose from.

See you on Saturday……..

Overton Farmers’ Market this Saturday 2nd November from 9 till 1pm, Crossford, Clyde Valley.

bonfireCome along to Overton Farmers’ Market this Saturday for some bonfire night goodies. There are plenty of sausages to choose from whether you’d like pork with sweet chilli, venison or beef ready to fill a big fluffy Taylors bread roll. There are plenty of apples for dookin’ or making into toffee apples and of course home grown tatties to bake in the embers. So if you want your party to go with a bang head over to the Clyde Valley this Saturday, we’re looking forward to seeing you there…….

Clarkston Farmers’ Market this Saturday 26th October from 9 till 1pm at the Station Car Park

198457-paul-and-nicks-big-food-tripJoin us this Saturday at Clarkston station Car Park and pick up some comfort foods to snuggle up with when the clocks go back on Sunday morning. With only three Clarkston markets before Christmas it’s an ideal opportunity to get some info from our producers on what festive treats they will be preparing for the big day. Already Perthshire Preserves have promised us some boozy Christmas chutney, Island Cheese will return, don’t worry if you missed them on Paul & Nick’s Big Food Trip you can still try the featured recipe

See you on Saturday………

Hamilton Farmers’ Market this Saturday 19th October from 9 till 1pm at the Top Cross

taylors sourdoughJoin us this Saturday in Hamilton town centre for our regular monthly market, we will be bringing some seasonal produce, with the temperature dropping there are cuts for slow cooked stews, joints and poultry to roast and warming curries made with the finest ingredients. Alexander Taylor’s is making an autumnal Clyde valley orchard apple strudel or you could try their Bavarian rye bread made with flour from Golspie mill and Heritage wheat. Carmichael Estate will be bringing their usual selection of on farm slaughter stress free meat along with a selection of pies and tagine hotpots.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday……


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