Lochbyre Rare Breed Meat

Welcome to Lochbyre Rare Breed Meat

We are a family smallholding on the outskirts of Newton  Mearns, south of Glasgow. We provide ethically produced, great tasting, high  quality meat.

All our animals are born and reared on our smallholding  ensuring complete traceability and minimal stress for the animals. Rare breed  animals are slower to mature than intensively farmed animals. At Lochbyre Rare Breed Meat, our  animals are allowed to grow and develop naturally. They spend all their lives  outdoors, free to roam at all times, kept in small family groups and only given  medicines where absolutely necessary. It is well known that meat always tastes  better from an animal that has not been stressed, so we do our best to make  sure the animals welfare comes first.

Lochbyre Pigs

At Lochbyre we keep two kinds of  native rare breed pigs, the Gloucestershire Old Spot and the British  Saddleback. Both breeds make lovely mothers; they are very hardy and produce  excellent, flavoursome pork and bacon.

Our pigs are traditionally  reared, living outdoors all year round. The pigs sleep and shelter in arcs  filled with straw. The sows give birth in their arcs with the piglets staying  with their mother until they are 8 weeks old when they are then weaned. The  weaners are put into another paddock where they are kept in small family groups  to enjoy their free range lives.

Lochbyre sheep

At Lochbyre we keep a flock of  Shetland sheep and a flock of Soay sheep. The sheep live outdoors all year  round. Lambing takes place from the end of March until the end of May, with the  lambs only coming indoors if problems arise.

There are only a small number of  Soay and Shetland flocks left in Scotland. We are playing an important part in  maintaining these two iconic Scottish breeds of sheep. Soay and Shetland meat  is of very high quality with outstanding flavour and a fine texture. Both  breeds meat are lower in fat than modern breeds and also low in lipid fats  making it an excellent choice in a low cholesterol diet.

Our spring lamb is  available in season from November until January, booking early is advised.



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