The Wee Fudge Company

The Wee Fudge Company is Scotland’s newest producer of the most deliciously melt-in-the-mouth Scottish fudge. Run from a small family kitchen on the outskirts of Glasgow, The Wee Fudge Company started life as a hobby, making fudge for fundraising events, friends and family.

We were not, however, without a wee bit of ambition. Over the last couple of years we’ve been experimenting with recipes and flavours and getting lots of really good feedback. Word started to spread and people were asking where they could buy our delicious fudge.  And so, in the autumn of 2011 the idea of  The Wee Fudge Company was born.

Our values are high and all of our fudge is made with natural ingredients – without any artificial additives, colourings or flavourings. Our aim is simple – to produce gorgeous fresh handmade fudge to delight our customers.

The Wee Fudge Company attends our Clarkston market on the 4th Saturday of every month

To find out more email us at or like on facebook and keep up to date on Twitter and


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